Thursday, August 14, 2008


This incident happened a few days back when I was sitting at The Transit with a cup of coffee and a magazine, waiting for my friend to show up.

A guy with, his cute girl friend was sitting opposite to me and their conversation was a bit loud.
Can't blame them, cuz the continuous chatter of coffeetors (something like commuters, if such a word is not in the dictionary...I invented it.) was well above tolerable Decibel Level.

Suddenly the guy ducks his head, as if to allow a Boeing 747 to pass over his head and says "Oh Christ..My H.R!!.."

The expression on the girls face was awesome in response to that.

Suddenly I turned my head in the direction where the girl was looking.

Eyes..Eyes..What do you see..?

I see a cute charming female, with her silky hair flowing down her shoulders and a fashionable goggle neatly tucked on her forehead.. errr...., wearing jeans well below the SEE LEVEL and a short shirt coming down the escalator like a Versace Angel..Desi breed.


The Femme "Fatal H.R" (for the Hero) mingled up with the crowd, didnt notice them or look in our direction. Thankfully "The Hero" is saved of some -ve appraisal points.

The Hero : Phew! That was close.

The Chic : Yeah! You scared me, who was it, again?

The Hero :Oh! Shes the Lead H.R of my company.

The Chic : It Shows.

The Hero :(Gives a Grin ) Yeah It does.

The Chic : I mean I didnt mean that..I meant..

The Hero :Err..Yeah!

The Chic : Hmmm..

The Hero: Hmmm...


I went back to my cup of hot coffee.



Ansh said...

:D ... noice mr. sorcerer! but i didn't know that peeps were so scared of HR :0 ... toothless tiger ... that's what it generally eez ;)

Dame Folle said...

What did she mean?

And why must one fear female HR personnel?

Kindly enlighten me.

Alvia said...

Ha Ha Nice Post..Very Much fresh like a CuP Of Coffee...Damn I had never overheard such couple conversations nytym:(

Kewl Work...KeeP rockin..!

kuttai said...

malayalathil ezuthiya mathiyo???

athe e ethinottam athra nalla swabavam allatto!!!

arte said...

scary yet sexy HR!! lolz

cutestangel said...

lolz so funny and the post about the recycled junk very funny!!! you could always make amodern art decor with it and sell it for thsoundas claiming it to be your master piece!!!

Meenakshi said...

where does the hero work?any idea?
I anyways had some of my guy friends looking for "lucrative" job change..

I can either bet that the girl - supposed to be Lead HR, wasn't one (either ex gf, a probable gf or a multi tasking project of the hero)


some company (with predominantly male staff) have hired an HR to keep the employee mouths shut for grievances (eyes bulged out, loss of words,high productivity to get congratulated by the HR alone in the cabin)

good observation and narration of the Lead HR. :)