Saturday, March 23, 2013

.::Blah Blah Blah::.

2013 is onto me. My whole schedule got fucked up. I hope everything gets settled by the end of March.

"Ladies first..Some guys just forget this cardinal rule in the bed. "-Sorcerer on Bed

"It will take more than your trigonometry to bring me down"- Sorcerer after getting high

Har:Hey, Cant unzip, some error.
Harmless_Guy: Pull harder.
Har:Vaaaary Funny.


Hot_Chick:Is it wise to incest in MF now?
Sorcerer:Oh.Hmm..quiet a fantasy.Who is MF?
Hot_Chick:Mutual Fund?
Hot_Chick:Invest..not incest.yuck typo.
Sorcerer:For a moment,I thought we are gonna have some meaningful conversation.
Hot_Chick: :D

Chicka: So Math genius eh? Whats 64+79
Sorcerer: Huh! Any numbers other than 4 and 7 in it.
Chicka:  LOL.Too hard?
Sorcerer: Nope.The right side of the keypad on my mobilephone is paralyzed.No 4 and 7.
Chicka:  What if you have to calculate with 4 and 7?
Sorcerer: I add 3.99..Eaaaaasy.
Chicka: 9 and 9..??
Sorcerer: aaaah..Just to be doubly sure.
Chicka: Either you are genius or stupid.
Sorcerer: I belive you are an optimist.

This conversation happened with my Yoga Roomie on an awesome Monday Morning.
Ya know.."Monday Morning!!!",The beginning of a new week..a whole new week for DAFUQs..

I wake up one morning to find my friend, lets say Mr.PYoga, standing on his head. He called it
Shirshasana. I call it Mr.PYoga Inverse.

Picture for Tube-light Public on Shirshasana.

Sorcerer:Trying to get a better world view?
Mr.PYoga: No!
Sorcerer: I know, you want to drain all the blood back into the brain for the oncoming week. Continue..Continue.

That is when he fell down with a *Thud.


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