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Believe - It's Us Who Move This Nation Forward.

Let's Not Lose Hope On Ourselves.

Let's Not Get Blinded By The Fanfare Of Policy Makers.

Let Us Believe In The Power, That Is "Us" To Keep Our Motherland Safe.


Through this blog post, I  want to reflect on certain aspect of society. Through all the actions that has been happening over the past week all over our nation, we are tying to find a very solid and valid solution  at grass root level.

We are all part of this society and it is us who are in a way responsible for such heinous crimes  against woman in the society.[Aawwwww.... You have the option to hit Alt+F4 on your keyboard , anytime you like.]

We have formulated a system in the society, we ourselves, where we have different set of rules for  boys and girls, man/woman. The very basic  system is divided.
Boys are given more privileges, better education, freedom. They are taught everything to survive in this world . On the contrary, girls are trained to live depending on a male. Girls are taught too but somehow a different set of rules apply to them.
[Noo..I am sorry. I know it's not like that, but for the sake of my argument, let me say that.  ]

Mostly all homes have a different set of rules for males and females. Every rule that is set for a male is more superior than the privileges enjoyed by a female.
Somehow rules for girls begin with "DON'T' like: DON'T do this, DON'T do that, DON'T laugh loud, DON'T wear that etc.etc.

Won't such rules make a woman feel less confident about herself? Won't this make her fail to stand up for herself?  
Are we in a way, taking away her confidence thereby making the females of our society, easy pray for all assaults mental ,physical/ eve teasing etc.?

[ "Hey!!! Woman is not a horse. Alryt? Stop comparing woman with a horse". Okkkkkk..Sure thing. It's just symbolic.]

I believe that these rules fixated by the society creates a  divide in the mindset of males and females. This mindset automatically over ride the respect that is due towards a woman. We can only clean this system , if we shatter this kind of differentiation.

By asking questions like "Why is she wearing that?" or " What was she doing at that time of the night?"  or "Why was she walking alone?" etc. when an assault happens on a  woman and criticizing everything a woman does, we are In a way siding with such SOCIAL TERRORISTS. We are giving these SOCIAL TERRORISTS, a  reason to get away and get away without feeling any kind of guilt.

Are we social beings  grooming up boys/males to have a mindset which thinks that the Girls/Woman are inferior? We are ourselves creating a society where the males are aggressive and privileged.
We have a society which feels that, woman should be "Protected" not "Respected" . In some cases zilch on Protected and Respected. A woman can take good care of herself, if the society grooms her equal. 
Please, let us NOT close our eyes to this divide.

Let's start cleaning up this divide from our own homes and personal spaces.

The society has to root out this phrase "YOU ARE A GIRL/WOMAN". Once we Kick that phrase out of our DAILY VOCABULARY at home/office/everywhere around us, we will attain a better perspective so, will the society as a whole.

Our nation, Hindusthan,  has a heritage and this heritage has always respected woman and given her the highest status symbol in the society. Somewhere this idiolism  shattered.

In my personal opinion changing the word 'RAPE' to 'SEXUAL ASSAULT' won't assure woman her saftey nor the new set of rules and frameworks. We can't expect the Policy Makers to do everything/anything for us. We have to understand that we already have enough Commissions and Judicial framework to nail any/all such assaults. What we can demand from them is provision to Fast Track the trials and 'Definitive Punishment' of highest order (Including Death Penalty) in case of any assault on any woman. We should also set in place a system for strongest law enforcement and routine appraisal of the implemented system with random fail safe checks .

We gotta do 'things right' here not the 'right things'.

We are the Government, so let us think about it from our side. Let us do our part to empower  women at our homes. This means a society that is conductive to rights of woman, a society that respects woman as an indvidual.

Let's promise ourselves to do the things right. Let us be sensible. Let us start from us. Let us do everything that is right for our Motherland.

Let's pray for that woman who has survived that brutal assult, and is staying strong.
Let's keep our country safe, for us all.

Tum chalo, to Hindustan chale Hindustan chale!!


 Falak pakad ke utho, aur hawa pakad ke chalo,

Tum chalo to hindustan chale
Tum chalo to hindustan chale

Lagao haath ke suraj subah nikala karein
Hatheliyon bhare dhoop aur uchhala karein

Lagao haath ke suraj subah nikala karein
Hatheliyon bhare dhoop aur uchhala karein

Ufaq pe paav rakho, aur chalo akad ke chalo
Ufaq pe paav rakho, aur chalo akad ke chalo

Falak pakad ke utho aur hawa pakad ke chalo,
Falak pakad ke utho aur hawa pakad ke chalo,

Tum chalo, to hindustan chale Hindustan chale... Chalo!


"Be the change that you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi


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