Friday, November 2, 2012


Clueless_Chick: This is where I wish I  could rub a magic lamp and the gin come out.
Sorcerer: I have a magic lamp ;) !!
Clueless_Chick: I said gin not genes.


Clueless_Chick: That was awesome.
Sorcerer: aha!
Clueless_Chick :Mindblowing.
Sorcerer:No  I wouldn't mind at all.


Recently, I was talking to a friend of mine over the phone and the following conversation happened. During this conversation we  had an issue with our perceptions. I had to try hard not to laugh out loud while I was on the phone with her.

Sorcerer: Hey! you sound breathless.You alright?
Doc_Chick: I was playing with my Weenie in the garden, the phone starts ringing and I had to rush inside to pick your call.

Sorcerer: WHAT? You were playing with WHAT? [Trying hard to suppress a laugh]
Doc_Chick: Yeah,It's Weenie, I meant It's my pet and I call it Weenie. I was just trying to relax a lil bit.
Sorcerer: Sure.It's one way to 'Relax'. Yeah..Hmmm..Right. But..
Doc_Chick: Do you have a pet like this? My Weenie is so adorable and playful?
Sorcerer: Yeah I do..I can call it a pet.
Doc_Chick: What do you call it?
Sorcerer: It's known by many synonyms, permutations and combinations of it.
Doc_Chick: Don't tell me you too call your pet Weenie..
Sorcerer: Errrr..At times, yes.
Doc_Chick: What kind of a breed is it?
Sorcerer: Aaaha..Desi Variety.
Doc_Chick: Is it a big one?
Sorcerer: Oh..I don't do that..I don't compare. [Trying to be diplomatic and caring not to break the spell of perception.]
Doc_Chick: I am training it to do tricks.
Sorcerer: Oh..Ohkay..
Doc_Chick: Does your pet do any trick?
Sorcerer: Well, It can stand on a ball.
Doc_Chick: Really? How did you train it?
Sorcerer: Hmmmm...I didn't it's a natural talent; kinda like it's default setting.
Doc_Chick: It's so nice to see it wagging it's tail all happy.
Sorcerer: Aha!..Okay. Can I ask you something..Why ..Why did you name it Weenie?
Doc_Chick: Oh. When I got this pet, it was sooo Teenie weenie..I liked the sound of the word 'Weenie'.
Sorcerer: Yes, Why wouldn't you !
Doc_Chick: It has a ring to Winnie-the-Pooh.
Sorcerer: Glad to know. It all makes sense now.
Doc_Chick: What?
Sorcerer: Naa..its a guy thing.
 [Hope she got the drift. I lovee English.This language has James Bond Mode with stealth meanings.]
Doc_Chick: Okay.That means its something with Low IQ.
Sorcerer:Hmm..You can say that.
Doc_Chick: So...tell me whats up?

Sorcerer: *sigh


The Conversation reminded me of this cartoon.


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