Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Aha!! I was saving this post for the leap year day.  What do the Chinese call 2012? The year of the Frog ? I mean..just wondering, my way.

BGal: Gave a good day.

Sorcy:Wow! Who was that lucky guy?



Ksh:Hey, I need ideas.


Ksh:Ya know my girl friend's birthday is coming up. Want to gift her something.Give her a huge surprise.

Sorcy:Books..Get her some awesome books.

Ksh:huh! I buy her lots of novels now and then.I want to give her something that she don't even expect.

Sorcy:hmmm...How about giving her an orgasm?

Rms:My washing machine is making weird noise.Never heard such noises before!

Sorcy:Hmm...Who is she with?


Rash:Well, apparently there is this Ass[Beep],my [beep] boss..[beep] thinks [Beep] [Beep]..[Beep]...

Sorcy:Wow! So you cleared TOEFL?

Rash:Yeah I did. Why do you ask?

Sorcy:errr..Nothing..Felt so.

Rash:Very Funny!!!


San:Well..Let's put it this way.She is too complicated.

Sorcy:Okay.Did I hear you use the word  "She" and "Complicated" in the same sentence?"


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